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JEWELS IN A CROWN is a non-profit organization offering Kolkata’s
trafficked and exploited women safe,
alternative employment and a new life.
As rare stones are discovered, cut,
polished and made beautiful, we know
these ladies are radiant gems being
brought to light.

What's New?

Welcome to the official Jewels in a Crown website. We are thrilled that you stopped by to learn more about our story, cause and designs. There are many stories to be told and updates to come, so please get acquainted with our site and stop by as often as you’d like!

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About the Song

“Red Lights for Red Letters” was written by one of our core personnel, Joel Reimer, shortly after joining our leadership team. It is inspired by the true stories of many women struggling to survive Kolkata’s red light area, and speaks of the true beauty of transformation. For more music by this artist visit iTunes -